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Varna Airport

International airport

Information +359/52/573323

Service  +359/52/573443

Varna Airport handles over one and a half million passengers per year, besides people who meet and accompany their relatives and friends. Thereby You have a great opportunity to achieve .
Your message to wide target group, people with middle and high level incomes and in consequence of this, people with high purchasing ability. Advertisement at Varna Airport is much more effective:

  • The airport is closed area, which increase prolonged effect of advertisement on consumer.
  • The most part of the time passengers spend at the airport is in expectation of departure or their laggage. Other people are awaiting their relatives. One of the things they can do to help time going by faster is to look at the advertisements.

The airport is 24h open, 7 days a week. Every day, 24h a day your advertisement works for you.