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To the attention of airspace users intending to use remotely controlled aircraft (drones)

Regarding the requirement of paragraph 5, Art. 13 of Ordinance No. 2 of the Ministry of Transport of 10 March 1999 on flight rules, as per: “(5) (New para – State Gazette, issue 80 of 2014, in force since 04.12.2014) the flights of remote controlled aircraft (drones) are conducted in a reserved airspace after written permission by DG CAA.”

All airspace users who plan to use remote controlled aircraft (drones) shall comply with the following:

  • The airspace users shall request by a letter to the Directorate General “Civil Aviation Administration” (DG CAA) permission for performing of the requested flight activity. The letter shall describe the activity, the necessary zone/zones, date of the activity, time of beginning and end of operations, the responsible person during the activity and mobile telephone number for contact with him.
  • The obtained permission by DG CAA (scanned), along with the “Application for Use of Airspace” (please, see a sample below) shall be sent to email address: or fax: +359 2 945 91 80, at least 8 calendar days before the planned use of airspace (in accordance with point 2, paragraph 1, Art. 18 of Instruction No. 24 of the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications of 27 September 2013 on the Operations of the Airspace Management Cell of the Republic of Bulgaria).

In case of approval of the application, the Airspace Management Cell produces a NOTAM message and after its publication, sends a response to the applicant whit information about the permission to use airspace as per request.