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The search and rescue of aircraft, crews and passengers suffering a disaster in an aviation accident in the serviced airspace of the Republic of Bulgaria is carried out by the Director General of the General Directorate "Civil Aviation Administration".


An aviation accident is an event related to the operation of a manned or unmanned aircraft, resulting in:

  • fatal or serious injury has occurred to a person residing on board;
  • the US has suffered damage or violation of the structure;
  • the aircraft has disappeared without trace or access to it is impossible.

The main tasks of the search and rescue system are:

  • effective 24 hours of duty watch
  • SAR unit’s readiness and timely response;
  • the coordination and conduct of search activities;
  • the conduct of rescue activities;
  • eradication of consequences;
  • the preparation and training of staff;
  • technological and technical provision.

The Coordination Centre for Search and Rescue for Aviation Accidents plays a key role in the immediate coordination and implementation of the process is responsible for Search and Rescue on land and sea;

  • implement a coherent common aviation and maritime approach to the organisation of Search and Rescue opt-ins;
  • carry out the processes of qualification, training, certification of the staff of the Centre.

The organization and development of the search and rescue system is based on the international standards and recommended practices as well as on the requirements of the national legislation.