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Basic task of DGCAA as NSA is to ensure an adequate environment for the safe and secure provision of air traffic management in the Republic of Bulgaria. This task is accomplished by applying the necessary safety regulations in accordance with ICAO, EU and EASA international standards and performing safety oversight over application of defined regulatory standards. The Bulgarian NSA is committed to developing, implementing, maintaining and constantly improving strategies and processes to ensure that all aviation activities that take place under its oversight will achieve the highest level of all key performance areas, while meeting both national and international standards.

NSA acts as public services to all stakeholders in aviation who enforces, assists and enables all involved entities to fulfil required standards of operation, and consequently to increase the level of safety standard in flight operations.

NSA actively participates and cooperates in international organisations and bodies, taking into account national interests of Bulgaria, its companies and citizens, having in mind that safety of civil aviation is first and foremost.