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1. In order to fulfil its mission and to reach its vision, DGCAA will continuously apply the following strategies to be developed in details:

  • Continuous and systematic training of DGCAA employees to ensure adequate proficiency in each employee's area of work.
  • Cooperation with other authorities, especially on FAB level, in order to standardise DGCAA procedures and achieve synergy effects.
  • Employment of the highest quality personnel that is available on the market.
  • Maintaining of quality management system is foundation on which DG CAA is building its operation.
  • Listening to the Industry needs and provision of seamless service to the Industry to foster efforts towards improvement of flight safety.

2. Strategic and secondary (medium level) objectives.

The DGCAA must conduct all its business in a manner which is impartial and seen to be impartial:

  • Establish an agreed set of ethical principles for the conduct of the Administration's business
  • Promote and maintain confidence and trust in the Administration.
  • Prevent the development or acceptance of unethical practices in the Administration.

3. Safety policy

Within the DGCAA safety has the highest priority. Safety is afforded the highest priority over commercial, operational, environmental or social pressures. The Bulgarian DGCAA is committed to developing, implementing, maintaining and constantly improving strategies and processes to ensure that all aviation activities that take place under its oversight will achieve the highest level of safety performance, while meeting both national and international standards.

The DGCAA commits to implementing and maintaining an effective, formal and proactive Safety Management System in accordance with requirements dictated by the international aviation standards.

Our aspiration now is to comply with all applicable safety regulatory requirements and to strive, whenever practical, to go beyond compliance and ensure that we operate to the highest international safety standards.

4. Quality Policy Statement

Bulgarian DGCAA is committed to deliver high quality service to the aviation stakeholders and by this, providing full compliance with prescribed aviation safety regulations according to ISO 9001:2008.

It is responsibility of every employee of DGCAA, including management, at all times, to perform her/his duty in full compliance with documented procedures set in this and subordinated manuals and in full compliance with applicable regulations.

No employee of DGCAA should ever be content and satisfied with level of quality achieved. Things can always be done better. Changes shall not be treated as occasional challenge; they should be the way of living.

Risk awareness and proper systematic risk assessment are cornerstones of making Safety promoting decisions. All documented procedures should be developed utilizing risk management techniques.

5. Other domain strategies

DG CAA contributes to the international development of airspace arrangements and ensures national policies and plans are consistent with EC and ICAO and other international programmes to which Bulgaria is committed, wherever appropriate.