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Please read carefully the text below before contacting the National enforcement body.

In case of cancellation, long delay or denied boarding it is advisable to raise the matter with your air carrier first and foremost.

If your air carrier does not resolve the complaint then you should forward it for the attention of the appropriate enforcement body. The appropriate enforcement body is the one based in the EU Member State (or Iceland, Norway or Switzerland) from where the disrupted flight was due to depart List of the EU National Enforcement Bodies (NEB)

The Civil Aviation Administration is the national enforcement body (NEB) for the Republic of Bulgaria on Regulation 261/2004.

Air Passenger Rights EU Complaint Form: 
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Complaint form BG:   Site Imageeu_complaint_form_bg.pdf (304.72 KB)


On-line Complaint Form:

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‘Long delay’ means when a flight does not depart until after the scheduled departure time by: two or more hours, for flights of up to 1500 km; three or more hours for intra-EU flights of 1,500 km and longer, or for other flights between 1501 and 3000 km; four or more hours, for all other flights. ‘Cancellation’ means the non-operation of a flight that was previously planned. ‘Denied boarding’ means a refusal by the airline to carry a passengers on a flight on which they hold a confirmed reservation and where have presented themselves for check-in and at the boarding gate not later than the time advised by the airline, tour operator or travel agent (if no time was indicated, not later than 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time). This does not include situations where the airline or its agent has reasonable grounds to deny passengers boarding, such as reasons of health, safety, and/or security, or in cases of inadequate travel documentation. ‘Downgrading’ means the passenger involuntarily travelled in a class of service lower than the class of service for which they had a confirmed reservation.
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