Member State of the European Union are obliged to establish a National Supervisory Authority (NSA) in order to carry out the tasks assigned to such a body under Single European Sky Legislation. In order to implement the provisions of the regulations for the Single European Sky, the Republic of Bulgaria with amendment of Art. 16c of the Civil Aviation Act, designated the Directorate-General for Civil Aviation Administration as the National Supervisory Authority (NSA) with regard to the safe and effective operation of air navigation service providers


The main tasks assigned to DG CAA/NSA under single European sky legislation are as follows:

  • Air Navigation Service Regulator;
  • Certification of air navigation service providers (ANSPs);
  • Continuous supervision of compliance with regulatory and regulatory requirements for the provision of air navigation services (ANS);
  • Supervision of compliance with the charging principles for air navigation services and their compliance with the regulatory framework;
  • Certification and supervision of training organisations in the field of air navigation services.

The National Supervisory Authority (NSA) may entrust checks and surveys falling within their competence to qualified organisations or out-of-state assistants.

The mission, vision, strategy, safety policy, quality policy, functions and procedures applied by the national supervisory authority are detailed in the NSA Handbook