Forms of Assistance Assured by the Airport Managing Body

The airport managing body shall provide at no charge the assistance needed by PRMs in order for them to:

  • communicate their arrival at the airport, using
  • designated points inside and outside the terminal
  • move from a designated point to the check-in desk
  • fulfill the check-in formalities for the passenger and the checked baggage
  • proceed from the check-in desk to the aircraft, after going through immigration, customs and security
  • board the aircraft and disembark the aircraft, by using elevators, wheelchairs or other specific means of assistance
  • proceed from the door of the aircraft to the designated seat and vice versa
  • store hand baggage on board and retrieve it, as well as any wheelchair or other boarded device
  • proceed from the aircraft to the baggage claim area and retrieve the baggage, and fulfill immigration and customs formalities
  • be escorted to a designated point
  • board a connecting flight, if the PRM is in transit, with the assistance provided inside each terminal and between them, based on specific needs
  • be capable to reach the toilet facilities when needed
  • be assisted at the airport, upon request, by one's own companion for the boarding and disembarking operations
  • receive, based on 48 hours prior notice, ground assistance for all devices needed for mobility
  • receive ground assistance for approved assistance dogs, when appropriate
  • be able to access flight information


When you need assistance at an airport, note the following:


To guarantee high-quality assistance, it is important to notify the air carrier or travel agency well ahead of time, preferably when making the booking but in any case no later than 48 hours before the trip.

Passengers are not charged for assistance; the costs are divided between air carriers proportional to their passenger numbers.

Air carrier personnel do not assist passengers with eating or taking their medication during the flight. If you need assistance of this kind, the air carrier may require that you have a personal assistant travelling with you.

Air carrier websites also have information on assistance and other special services.


The European Commission has released an English-language video on assistance services