Compensation for Lost or Damaged Mobility Equipment and Assistive Devices

Where wheelchairs or other mobility equipment and assistive devices are lost or damaged whilst being handled at the airport or transported on board an aircraft, the passenger to whom the equipment belongs shall be compensated by the airport authority or airline responsible, in accordance with rules of international, community and national law.

For the purposes of this Regulation wheelchairs and assistive devices are treated as baggage. As a result the limits on compensation for loss and damage are those set down under the Montréal Convention. Under the Montréal Convention compensation for lost or damaged personal baggage (which includes mobility equipment) is calculated on the basis of the weight of the item(s), not their value. Before travel, passengers should make sure that their travel insurance provides cover for mobility equipment. Additional cover may be needed.

Where mobility equipment is damaged or lost the airport must provide a temporary replacement, albeit not necessarily on a like-for-like basis.