Lodging a complaint

If a disabled person or a person with reduced mobility considers that his/her rights have not been respected, he/she may lodge a complaint principally with the managing body of the airport or the air carrier, depending on the case.

If their response is not considered satisfactory, the passenger may lodge a complaint with the enforcement body of a Member-state where the case was occur. A list of the other NEB's throughout the EU can be found here: препратка към списък с NEB. To find out who is the appropriate enforcement body is, click here:  List of the EU National Enforcement Bodies (NEB)
When submitting your complaint to this office we would be obliged if you could complete the Persons with Reduced Mobility Complaint Form. Please also include copies of your correspondence with the air carrier or the airport and any other relevant information.
To find information for the Bulgarian airports, click on Bulgarian airports category.

You may send your complaint to DG CAA BG by:

e-mail: [email protected]

by mail on the following address:

DG Civil Aviation Administration, Ministry of Transport, Information Technologies and Communications,

9, Dyakon Ignatii Str.,

Sofia 1000


By fax: +359 2 980 5337


Should you have any additional question do not hesitate to contact us: + 359 2 937 1071