Useful Tips

  • The maximum number of PRMs permitted on the same flight by EC safety regulations depends upon various factors, such as the type of aircraft and its configuration, the type and level of mobility impairment of the PRMs that request boarding, as well as the number of persons with normal conditions of mobility. It is recommended to submit the request for assistance upon purchasing the ticket;
  • It is necessary to give exact information to the air carrier about one's needs in order to get the appropriate assistance;
  • Verify that the code that identifies the type of assistance shown on the travel document actually matches the one requested at the time of the reservation;
  • It is not possible to bring wheelchairs inside the cabin; these need to be placed in the hold of the aircraft. There are restrictions as to carrying battery powered wheelchairs In fact, the wheelchairs admitted in the hold must be equipped with batteries that are non-spillable; the battery, besides being properly tied to the body of the wheelchair, must also be disconnected and with the terminals properly isolated. If travelling with this type of equipment is nonetheless desired, it is necessary to contact the air carrier prior to booking, in order to obtain the proper authorization.