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Address :

Sofia 1000,Bulgaria
9,Dyakon Ignatiy Str.

E-mail : safabg@caa.bg


Contacts List :

Vesselinka Trifonova
Acting SAFA National Co-ordinator
Tel.: +359 2 937 1008
Mobile : +359 888 308 627
e-mail : vtrifonova@caa.bg


Air Safety Report (ASR) Forms are used as a data collection tool for tracking and trending within the Safety database. ASRs serve a Group effort to collect data resulting from any discovery, delay, event or mishap, in order to share and analyze information.
Air Safety Reports must be completed to report any occurrence which has a bearing upon the safety of company flight operations. ASRs must be submitted to SAFA Dpt. ; Operations Dpt. and Airwortwiness Dpt.
The information provided is confidential and will be used by the SAFA Dpt. at the Bulgarian DG CAA for the purpose of enhancing the level of flight safety of third-country operators.

BG CAA Safety Report Form:      BG_CAA_Safety_Report_Form.pdf (1.47 MB)

Passenger Complaint Form:       PassengerComplaintForm.doc (68 KB)